Custom Precision Parts
From Prototyping to Production


  • Tolerances down to ±0.0002″ (0.005mm)
  • Lead times from 5 business days
  • 28+ surface finishes, 75+ metals & plastics
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Factory


At our core, we embrace the significance of questioning the status quo and relentlessly exploring the frontiers of possibility. Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives us to achieve tolerances as demanding as ± 0.01 per 100MM of dimension, and for more stable, reinforced grade engineering materials, even tighter tolerances become feasible. We take pride in crafting precision CNC machined parts that align perfectly with our clients' bespoke material preferences.

3d printing

3D Printing

Our online 3D printer service uses six 3D print technologies to turn your 3D models into plastic, metal, and elastomeric products.


Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of transforming flat sheet metal into finished products or components through a series of manufacturing techniques.



Parts Produced






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Anebon was founded in 2010. Our team is specializing in the design, production and sales of the hardware industry. And We have passed ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Our History
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How Anebon Works

Anebon provides Custom Precision Parts manufacturing, We use advanced machinery and highly skilled technicians to manufacture precision metal components and parts according to the customer's specifications. Anebon will manufacture parts to the highest quality and efficiency using customer design specifications. Anebon provides metal manufacturing services to various industries including automotive, aerospace, and electronics.


Step 1

Inquiry with 2D/3D drawings and requirement.

Step 2

Receive our quotation.

Step 3

Confirm to place the order.

Step 4

Received the goods on time.
From Rapid Prototyping to Production


Make your idea a reality with our outstanding manufacturing services. Anebon manufactures simple and complex prototypes as well as end-use components with powerful and efficient manufacturing abilities. Our products are manufactured to strict tolerance standards and quality standards. We are the top on-demand manufacturer in China.


Expertise and Experience

We have many years of experience and expertise in rapid prototyping. Our team is made up of highly-skilled professionals that are committed to producing high-quality prototypes.

Supply chains are simplified

Anebon allows products to be produced on demand. This eliminates the need for large inventories or complex supply chains. This can result in more efficient inventory control and lower storage costs.

Quality Assurance

We place a high priority on the quality of prototypes. To ensure the final product is up to your standards, we use advanced tools and technologies. We ensure the highest-quality prototypes by paying attention to every detail and implementing rigorous quality control procedures.

Efficiency and Speed

We know the importance of product development. Our service can help you quickly turn your ideas into prototypes. This will reduce the time required to bring your idea to life.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We provide cost-effective solutions to help you save time and money. Our service allows you to avoid costly mistakes and makes necessary design iterations earlier in the process. This will result in significant savings over time

Good Quality

Anebon never compromises on quality. We have a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians dedicated to delivering flawless die cast parts. Anebon follows strict quality control measures to ensure that each part is free from defects

Professional Experience and Testing Equipment
ensure part quality

Picking the right CNC machining partner that has expertise is essential for ensuring the high-quality of your products. At Anebon our team of experts bring the most extensive knowledge for every project, which allows us to solve even the most difficult design issues. With years of experience, our experts are aware of the intricate details of CNC cutting, which allows us to manufacture components of the highest standard with accuracy and precision. The ISO 9001: 2015 certification confirms our commitment to upholding the highest quality standards in the field.

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Anebon was founded in 2010. Our team specializes in the design, production, and sales of the hardware industry. We have passed ISO 9001:2015 certification. Take inspiration from our blogs and the latest industry trends to boost your business.

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